Property Investment System

We work on a highly personal, one-on-one basis with our clients. Our aim is to provide a clear and easy-to-follow strategy that is tailored to your individual goals and circumstances.

Resmark’s Property Investment Division base their approach off years of industry knowledge and experience, as documented in our eBook, and summarised on our Investment Strategies page. The 12 Drivers and 4 fundamental pillars that provide capital growth ensure you select the most affordable, low-risk property/portfolio to achieve the highest capital growth and yields on your investments.

Thorough Research and Sourcing of Quality Investment Properties

Resmark has an experienced acquisition and analysis team that carries out extensive research on each property location, allowing for the most educated investment selection. Feel secure in your choicesas we utilise our independent points system based on the key drivers and 4 pillars fundamental for capital growth to assess property locations and dwelling types.

Here are some of the analysis involved:

  • Housing supply and demand
  • Comparative sales and pricing
  • Expected rental demand and returns
  • Demographics, population density and trends
  • Local, interstate and overseas migration
  • Infrastructure – including approved government-funded projects
  • Municipal and state government strategies for town planning
  • Local economy and employment trends
  • Applicable incentives and rebate including any government grants
  • Properties exact cost and outlays prior to purchase

We take the guesswork out of the ‘where’ and ‘why’ of property selection.

Client Benefits with Resmark

Below are some of the benefits our clients receive:


  • A personalised investment strategy tailored to your requirements
  • Complete property research and due diligence on all selected properties
  • 1-20 year property investment analysis based on your income and investment level
  • Added investment property inclusions – all properties are full turnkey products, there is no hidden costs, time, effort for our clients.
  • Depreciation schedules can be arranged on properties, so you can maximise tax deductions on each investment property
  • Tax variations and effective tax strategies can then be organised on your behalf
  • Loan and debt reduction programs can be implemented to help reduce any non-tax-deductible liabilities
  • Lender and finance assistance – our finance brokers structure loans to reduce debt, they have access to a wide range of lenders and products to best utilise
  • Arrangements for local independent property management to manage your investment
  • Consultation with financial planners and advisors if required

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