Investment Strategies

What property type and location is going to provide you -the investor- capital growth?

Based on the 4 Pillars of Capital Growth, as documented in the original 12 Key Drivers of Capital Growth eBook, we use a point rating system to identify emerging growth markets, alleviate risk, and focus on the key elements needed for your investment. This underpins how we choose properties/portfolios that create growth and income, not purchases that become a liability.

The 4 pillars of capital growth we base our research on are:

These “ 4 Pillars” consist of 12 key driving factors that create Capital Growth within any housing market and without these drivers there is less chance of a location and dwelling type within that location, providing solid performing growth.


Undersupply, population growth, build approvals, investment, dwelling types.


Public and private programs, government influences, grants, building, zoning & stamp duty.

Economic Factors

Employment, local GDP, lending / interest rates.

Housing Affordability

Underpinned by the demand for affordable dwelling types; houses, townhouses and apartments.

Knowledge is the key to any successful investment

Independent Property Research

Our property research team constantly monitors the market for emerging growth areas based on the above analysis. All properties selected by our team come with investment reports and data from independent agencies, to help you make informed decisions.

First Time Investors

We know that investing in property for the first time can be an overwhelming and daunting experience. At Resmark, we take all the fear and hassle out of this process and provide all the information you need to make an informed, educated decision on ‘where to’ and ‘what to’ invest in.

This is always tailored to suit your personal financial situation. We help educate you on the following before you even look at properties:

• Understanding the power of leverage
• Borrowing capacity and safe lending criteria
• Explain tax benefits associated with investing
• Utilise the best tax effective strategy
• Property cycles and different types of property for investing
• Personalise a strategy to build a portfolio
• Negative and positive gearing
• Turnkey inclusions
• Investing in new vs old
• Targeting the best possible investment property, tailored to your needs and goals

Once investing, we oversee the property management and prepare any loan approvals from a variety of financial choices.

Experienced Investors

We review and current portfolio and finance structure. Determine how to improve or increase your current return if possible. As well as look at new strategies to help eliminate any current debts, increase and diversify your portfolio with high yielding performing assets, reducing any risk or over exposure in any one location. Having a diverse range of performing assets tailored to your own financial situation and long term goals is the aim and having these assets create solid cashflow and not be a liability is crucial when building your portfolio. As documented in the First Time Investors tab, we continue to educate our clients on the continually changing finance and property landscapes.

Property Cycles

Experienced investors understand that economic conditions differ from each location and city. This results in up and down cycles of property activity. Over the mid to long-term, statistics show property has been proven to be a consistent performer. However, it still makes complete sense to take advantage of buying into the right market at the right time. Extensive research can show which cities have the strongest potential to enter an upward cycle at any time. Read our case studies and let the results speak for themselves, allowing our clients to prosper in return.

Making the Right Investment Choices

Resmark only supply new residential properties in prime growth locations. This ensures maximum appeal to tenants and maximum return to you, the investor. By investing in a new build, you potentially avoid tens of thousands of dollars in costly maintenance and repairs that usually come with inheriting an older property.

The Australian statutory laws guarantee against any building defects for a minimum of six (6) years from completion. Should anything go wrong, the builder pays the bill, not you.
A new property with all the latest inclusions and quality fittings is more attractive to tenants, assuring higher rental returns right from day one. It also offers the best tax advantage, with maximum depreciation in the first few years, giving you more tax deductions.
Resmark analyse all property selections prior to you making any decisions. We work out the costs and let you know prior to proceeding with any property how much (if any) it will cost you. We break this down so you know how much will come out of your own pocket or if is cashflow positive, after all tax deductions and rental income. This way, you know any commitments an investment property may incur, allowing you to make a safe and informed decision on your investment choice.

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